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Jocelyne has been called an “architect of success” possessing an “impressive understanding of business.”

In a career that took her from public service to entrepreneur to CEO of a software company, Jocelyne has found a passion for impactful leadership, sustainable growth and business agility.

She has led teams of 40+ members, managed operations through crises and transformation, redesigned recruiting processes, and overhauled business financials leading to profitability and measured growth.

Through her company, Loxentus Inc., Jocelyne teaches entrepreneurs and leaders targeted recruiting, impactful leadership and operational optimization leading to growth.

Jocelyne is also a member of the Forbes Business Council -- and the Women Executives, Employee Empowerment, and Public Speaking Groups.

Jocelyne's Journey

Find out more about the person behind the coach and how she got there.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” —Robert F. Kennedy.

Yes, that’s me on the set of quiz show Jeopardy! No, I wasn’t a contestant, let alone win. I did attend a taping, though, and had my picture taken. For me, this is more of a symbolic picture.

At the time, my husband and I were full-timing on a motorhome. We were in Southern California and this is a touristy thing I wanted to do. The motorhome hadn’t been the original plan.

A few years prior, we had sold our house, most of our belongings and set off on a sailboat. After spending about a decade sailing the Thousand Islands and Lake Ontario area, we dreamed big, dared big and wanted to sail the world. We traveled on our sailboat for a little over a year before deciding that, although it had been an awesome adventure, with some challenging moments, it wasn’t the lifestyle we were looking for. The realities of that life were drastically different than what we had dreamed about or even expected.

Still, we weren’t ready to go back to fixed-address living. So, after much thinking, we sold the boat and bought a motorhome. And, then, we found our groove.


Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” -- Robert F. Kennedy

How do this life-altering decision, entrepreneurship, Jeopardy! and Robert F. Kennedy’s quote all tie together?

When we told people about our plan, which included me leaving a very nice, secure, government job, some were supportive – envious even – others, not so much:

You can’t live on a boat!

You can’t leave your secure job!

You can’t give up this level of income, these are your prime earning years!


"You're ruining your life!"

And, to be honest, at times, I allowed those voices to scare me. Worrying that I might be making a mistake. That they were right, and I was being foolish.


Did this really matter, though? After doing all the research, all the preparation, all the groundwork, even after taking every precaution, would it be the worst thing to have it not work out as planned? No. Not trying would be the worst thing.

In the end, our sailing adventure didn't turn out the way we expected, but, knowing what I know now, I absolutely would do it all over again – with a few modifications. And that adventure lead us to the motorhome life, which we absolutely loved. Throughout this five-year nomadic adventure, I became a solopreneur – which I had tried before – learned new skills from positions of convenience and did all that I could to keep growing and acquiring experience.

Having also gained perspective on previous positions, on life, I uncovered meaningful work that I absolutely love: empowering others to change their lives by teaching what I have discovered along the way. In my career and life journey in various roles, from solopreneur to Chief Operating Officer, from sailor to land lover, I have always set the bar high and focused on mastering the essentials.

Although outcomes may be different than expected, sometimes, they reveal an even better way. Join me, and, together, let’s head down your next-level path.

Exploring Mammoth Cave (KY), 280 feet below the surface

Hiking in the Grand Canyon (AZ), South Rim

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