Infusing Agility in the Next Twelve Months of Business

As entrepreneurs, we’re frequently required to navigate the challenges that come with a dynamic and often unpredictable business world.

We create forecasts and budgets for the upcoming year, strategies and goals, and metrics to measure it all.

But as the year marches along, we need to stay on top of this roller coaster of highs and lows.

We can better prepare for this journey by implementing a few strategies that allow for adaptability and resilience over a rolling twelve months.

So what are some key considerations for leaders when planning on a rolling twelve months?

Hold a Quarterly Review

One of the most important aspects of planning is to hold regular reviews. Because if it's a plan that you never review, it will very quickly become out of date.

Doing a quarterly review means that we get to adapt our annual plan for the next 12 months, and so that's how we end up with that rolling 12 months. An annual plan, of course, is an important idea, and I still do the annual plan at...

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New Leader Development, Key to Unlocking Your Business’ True Potential

To truly unlock a business's full potential requires addressing two complementary aspects in parallel.

The first one is the business side: understanding the strategy, financials, planning, operations, product services, marketing, etc. Basically, all that comes together to make a business functional.

The second one is the people side: the individuals that make the systems work together and fulfill the organization's purpose.

Because many entrepreneurs frequently start out by themselves, they typically will focus more on the functional side of things to build enough of a profitable business to, let's say, start paying themselves.

But what happens is, as the business starts to grow, they still heavily favor the functional side to the detriment of the people side.

So what can micro-business owners do to ensure that they are growing the people at the same time as the business?

Understanding how leaders make the difference

The first thing is to understand how leaders make the difference....

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